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best ceramic coating for cars

We are a local, family run and owned business located here, on Oahu. Owner Joshua George has years of professional experience; we bring you the best of the best. Killer Queen Detailing LLC is licensed and insured to do business here on Oahu.


Our mission at Killer Queen Detailing is simple: to produce high-quality results and provide excellent customer service with every experience! We cater to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence. Check out our work here!


We look forward to welcoming you into our Killer Queen Ohana. We are Hawaii's premier auto detailer!


For more information or general inquiries, feel free to contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a detail take out dents and dings? Unfortunately no. We are currently not offering dent/ding services. For paint chip restoration, please inquire with us. We may be able to assist depending on color and severity of the damage. We cannot cover up large scratches.

Can you make my vehicle look brand new? We we will absolutely do our best to make your vehicle as near new as possible with the Platinum Full Service or Platinum Plus package, though we cannot guarantee it. There are some instances where damages cannot be reversed by a detail.

What is a paint correction and can it reverse all exterior defects? Paint correction is not the same as a new paint job. Paint correction can correct most defects of the clear coat of your vehicle. If the clear coat is non-existent, the possibility of reversing any scratches, water spots, sun damage, etc. is very low. Paint chips are also irreversible by a detail. Please inquire with us on paint chip restoration which is an add-on service.

Why does KQD collect deposits? We collect deposits to secure the date of your appointment. It ensures that we hold the spot and don't overbook and that we have sufficient staff working that day. It also helps our small business curb no shows and last minute cancellations which can hurt our business.

Why is it more expensive to ala carte options vs. packages? We want to make sure we deliver only the best service. By packaging our services together, we can offer you more for less! Our most popular package is our Platinum Full Service Package which provides the most bang for your buck!

Why does Killer Queen Detailing ask so much questions? We ask probing questions to ensure we can quote you for the right service. Here at KQD, we only provide the best service and will recommend something based on the condition of your vehicle.

Why doesn't KQD take afternoon appointments? We like to ensure we have ample time within our hours of operation to work on your vehicle. Here at KQD, we pride ourselves on doing a thorough job which is why details can last a full day 😊

What are our business hours and are we open on holidays? We are open 6 days a week! We are open Monday-Saturday from 9a-6p. We are open almost all holidays except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years day. We almost always answer our phone after hours though, so feel free to call or text us to schedule your appointment!

Does KQD take walk-ins? We HIGHLY suggest making an appointment. We can rarely accomodate walk-in appointments. We do have a waitlist though and would be more than happy to add you to our list!

Why don't we have prices on our website? We customize your quote based on your vehicles year, make, model and condition. Our prices can vary greatly because of this.

Why is sand and pet hair considered embedded debris? Sand and pet hair is considered embedded debris. Anything that does not come out with a simple vacuum is considered "embedded". It requires a more extensive clean than a normal vacuum can handle and will require a package upgrade.

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