Killer Queen Detailing

Terms & Conditions

KQD General Terms & Conditions of Our Services: 


Please remove personal belongings inside of your vehicle prior to service. KQD will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items. Selection of vehicle size is subject to KQD discretion. Please inquire with KQD if you are unsure of vehicle size prior to booking. Please notify KQD if vehicles interior and/or exterior condition changes prior to appointment. All price quotes given virtually (text, email, phone, etc.) are not guaranteed pricing and is subject to change. KQD will conduct a full car walk through before and after services are rendered. Additional charges may apply based on condition of the vehicle during the walk through on your appointed day. KQD is not responsible for any acts of God after rendered service. Please note that pre-existing conditions of vehicles can vary greatly between customers and results are based on non-permanent type damage to your vehicle. KQD cannot guarantee the complete removal of embedded stains or debris of interior. KQD will not be liable for any repercussions if customer requests unbolting and removing of the seats to clean interior. KQD will not remove liner of interior unless requested by the customer to clean interior.  Bug extractions are not guaranteed to eradicate pest problem. Continued maintenance of the infestation may be necessary. Sun spots and burned dash/trim/upholstery is not reversible and cannot be treated with an interior detail. We will do our best to lighten the effects of the burn. Vehicle oxidation and water spots may not be completely reversible by a detail and may need to be painted by an auto body shop if the oxidation and/or water spots have eaten through paint. KQD will always, to the best of our ability, fulfill any and all requests however results are not guaranteed. Our Shine n Ship service guarantees your vehicle ships or your money back. This limited warranty will cover the vehicle for 48 hours after the vehicle is turned over to the customer. This limited warranty will be voided by any acts of God, negligence or other instances where customer chooses to use the vehicle for recreational purposes. KQD cannot handle any hazmat material. We require 48 hours notice prior to your appointment for any cancellation or to reschedule your appointment . A 25% refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure the date (does not apply to membership appointments). Deposit becomes non-refundable if your appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to your appointment. A 5% retention fee will be assessed for all credit card refunds to cover processing fees. Please note that reminder texts/emails are a courtesy only and will not constitute a reason for no-show or late cancellations. We accept cash or credit card for payment. We do not accept checks. Tax and tip are not inclusive in pricing. Although tipping is not required, it is always greatly appreciated. We have the right to refuse service. These terms & conditions apply to all services that we offer. *All times quoted are general estimates. Actual time will be based on the condition of your vehicle on your appointed day.


To ensure your safety and the safety of our worker(s), we have taken measures to ensure that our items are sanitized before, between, and after every service provided. If you or anyone you have been in contact with has contracted covid 19, exposed to covid 19 or are currently in quarantine due to travel, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. Masks must be worn at all times while interacting with us. 

KQD Mobile Service Terms & Conditions:

All KQD general terms & conditions apply. 

Upon our arrival, if we are unable to service for any reason, your service deposit may not be refunded and a new deposit may be required to secure a new service date. Please contact us prior to your appointment if anything changes. We will do our best to accommodate you. Our mobile service is free with the purchase of a service $250 or more and the use of water and electricity. There will be a $25 service fee if KQD needs to supply water or electric and/or a difference charge if your service does not meet the minimum service purchase requirement. Our mobile service covers up to. 20 miles from our shop location. Service charges may apply to areas outside our service area. Please contact us with any questions. KQD requires a garage, carport, or a lot large enough for a popup tent and have our van parked near. For condos/apartment/office buildings/hotels, please contact us as prior written notice may be needed. Killer Queen Detailing is not responsible for customers belongings on their property. Please remove any and all property surrounding the area where KQD will be working. KQD will make every effort to ensure that surrounding property is not damaged during service but will not be responsible for damages for items left in our designated workspace. We will not clear or move back any personal property before or after service. KQD will provide all cleaning material and chemicals for your service. KQD is unable to use any chemicals or materials not pre-authorized by KQD prior to your appointment.

KQD Shop Service Terms & Conditions:

All KQD general terms & conditions apply. 
There is no waiting area at our shop. Please make arrangements to drop off and pick up your vehicle. We will provide you a one hour window prior to your vehicles completion for pick up. Depending on location, we may be able to offer drop off & pick up service. Please inquire prior to your appointment as this is not guaranteed. KQD cannot keep your vehicle overnight. Your vehicle must be picked up by 6p unless otherwise stated or agreed upon in advance. Vehicles not picked up by 6p may need to pick up the next day. Any vehicles left in our possession overnight without our prior consent or notice will be subject to a $50/day storage fee.

KQD Ceramic Coating Terms & Conditions

All KQD general and membership terms and conditions apply. 

Customer must book maintenance annually as a minimum with Killer Queen Detailing to guarantee your warranty. Failure to schedule maintenance with KQD may result in your warranty being voided. All of our coatings 3 years and up will be registered with CarFax and will follow your vehicle for the life of your coating. Your initial package purchase comes with a Platinum level exterior, full paint correction and water spot removal. We provide a free 2 week check up that includes a wash and a rehydration of your coating. This service is performed at our location in Kapolei only and is not eligible for mobile service. Customer understands that some level of maintenance is required by the customer. Please see coating warranty and care sheet for more details. 

Membership Term & Conditions:

This membership is prepaid, non-transferrable and non-refundable. You must purchase one per car. The car listed under the membership will hold the membership. Special circumstances will be considered and a new contract will be established between member and Killer Queen Detailing. Price paid is contingent upon normal wear/tear of vehicle use. Any excess dirt, debris, pet hair and/or sand, etc. may be subjected to an extra charge. Free exterior wash must be done at our storefront. Discount on renewal of membership is based on pricing at the time of renewal. Tax and tip is not inclusive in the membership pricing. Although it is not required, tipping is always greatly appreciated. Killer Queen Detailing cannot handle any hazmat substances. This membership is pursuant to Killer Queen Detailing general terms and conditions. *** Add on service does not include excess dirt/debris or full body water spot treatment