Water spot protection, enhanced glossiness, and paint color depth, hydrophobic water beading, water sheeting, silky smooth velvety paint, and paint protection are just a few of the highly-sought-after features of SFX1 Nano Ceramic Coating!


Long-lasting up to 6 months!


Use it to protect your:

  • Car paint and windows
  • Chrome trim, plastics, and rubber
  • Wheels / Rims
  • Shower glass doors and home windows
  • Home interior surfaces and fixtures
  • Appliances and more!


If you absolutely hate water spots and having a dirty car, and want life to be just that much simpler without having to use so much time of your day to care for your car, then SFX1 is the perfect fit for your detailing kit.


What does that mean? SFX1 rejects water spots and dirt and grime from sticking to your car making it an easy task with less time to wash your car. No more permanent water spots, no more tacky grease, hard to remove ugly dirty stains, and wretched oils that make your car look extremely disastrous and time-consuming to clean.


SFX1 replaces all waxes and sealants:

  • Resists water spot damages
  • Resists UV ray paint fading damages
  • Resists oxidation / rusting
  • Resists hard-to-remove dirt and grime
  • Protects your surface from topical scratches


No more waxing!


You'll experience a truly shinier and glossier car that feels silky smooth with a touch of velvet, additionally enhancing the vivid saturated color of your car for an epic visual!


Cures to the surface instantly with no waiting time. Fills in micropores and valleys in your paint to smooth it out and protect it from further damages.


Formulated with years of engineering and competitive analysis, SFX1 has been crowned the King in its class of spray-on hydrophobic-coatings due to its make-up of high-quality ingredients and a unique one of a kind formulation that outshines the competition!

  • Tight water beading – 100-degree contact angle
  • Extreme hydrophobic sheeting – water rolls right off
  • Cleans, Shine, Polishes and Protects all-in-one!

SFX1 Glossy Instant Nano Ceramic Hydrophobic Protective Coating

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$34.99Sale Price