Sud Factory GOLD is the new gold standard in quick detailing spray and waterless car wash products.  Gold is synthesized with nano-polymer siloxane technology infused with 100% Brazillian sourced carnauba wax for an ultra-sleek, glossy, and protective finish.


The nano-polymers fill micro-marring, lift and remove dirt and grime safely and scratch-free for a clean brilliant shine.  Gold leaves a sheen of luster fortified with authentic 100% Brazillian carnauba wax for a lasting rich glow and hydrophobic water beading properties.


Gold can also be used as a finishing agent after a traditional car wash to leave a glossy finish.  It can be used on all surfaces such as glass, auto body, plastic, rubber, and vinyl.


Best of all? It smells amazing with an orange-creamsicle scent!



  • STREAK FREE – Formulated to be safely applied onto any surface without the ugly white residue!
  • BRINGING THAT CAR SHOW SHINE TO YOUR VEHICLE – Provides a protective glossy shine using nano-polymers and 100% carnauba wax leaving a clean, silky finish
  • SIMPLICITY AT IT’S FINEST – Spray on and wipe off no professional detailer needed!

Gold Hybrid High Gloss Sealant Polysiloxane Infused Wax Quick Detailer

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