Sud Factory GLAZE is a unique product bringing an ultra gloss to your tires & trim. One of the world’s most astounding product that will coat your tires & trim within a single application.


GLAZE is a non-staining, a no-sling formula that leaves no exasperating white residue on any surface. This product will stay where you need it without flinging on your car, making it an amazing solution for every


Car enthusiast. Glaze induces a deep rich gloss for
Enhancing the appearance of your tire, rubber and plastic trims in a long-lasting shine.



  • WATER-BASED NON-SLING OR GREASY– Achieve a luscious rich shine on tires, dashboards, door panels, bumper trim, windshield cowls, rubber tire sidewalls, grilles, and more
  • NO RESIDUE – Leaves no white residue on raised tires!
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION – Applied with a tire applicator, swabby, or brush
  • FADING PROTECTANT  Protects and restores rubber, vinyl, and plastic!

Glaze Glossy Tire & Trim Deep Black Restorer Non-Sling

$29.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price