Sud Factory FUZZ OFF contains a proprietary formula to help eliminate per hair, lint, and debris from your carpets, floor mats, seats/upholstery, and other surfaces.


Fuzz Off works by releasing the static charge that bonds.  The hairs to the surface area.  Once the static is Released, it will simplify removing hairs using a bristled brush, or other pet hair removal tools at your disposal.


FUZZ OFF saves you time and money for the hairiest situations that normally take hours to complete.



  • REMOVES hair, lint, debris, and fuzz from car interior, clothing, upholstery, and carpet
  • NO STICKY TAPE NEEDED – Simple spray on, vacuum, or brush off
  • ANTI STATIC FORMULA – Eliminating static cling to aid in removing your unwanted pesky hairy mess
  • USE ANYWHERE – Multi-purpose use for cars, office or home

Fuzz-Off Embedded Fabric & Upholstery Debris & Hair Remover

$29.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price