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Car Interior

Enjoy A Clean Car Inside & Out!

Say goodbye to 👇

  • A dirty car with stains, spills, and pet hair!

  • Sand & dirt that just can't seem to be vacuumed up

  • Swirl marks, sun fade, and water spots on your vehicle's paint & windows

  • And a lot more!

​Our Platinum Full Service Package has you covered!

Enjoy a clean car that will have your friends and family thinking its brand new!

Starting at only $275

This Week Only:

50+ Five Star Reviews

Your vehicle will receive 👇


Shampoo & Steam Spot Clean

Removes spills & stains where needed.


6 Month Ceramic Wax

Paint protection from UV rays, tree sap, and more!


Levels clear coat surface.


Thorough Interior & Trunk Vacuum

We vacuum every nook & cranny!


Streak-free windows

Clean & spotless windows!


From top to bottom.


Complete Water Spot Removal

Removes water spots from car paint & windows.


Pet Hair Removal

Removes pet hair.


Dash Wiped & Conditioned

Gives your dashboard that brand new look!


Shampoo Floor Mats

Gives your floor mat that band new look!


Paint Correction ($500 value)

Removes swirl marks, sun fade, and water spots.

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Sand & Dirty Removal

Say goodbye to pesky sand!


Leather Condition

Rejuvenated leather look!


Clay Bar

Removes the grunge from your car's paint surface.


Clean Tires & Rims

Removes grime and cleans tires & rims.

Starting at only $275

This Week Only:

Quality You Can Trust

5/5 Star Rating! See Our Reviews on FacebookGoogle, or Yelp.

"My car looked better than when I bought it. I’m so happy. So blown away by the customer service. It’s the best I’ve had in Hawaii. I’m so grateful I’m writing this review at 2:30am!! Just thank you so much and to anyone who comes across this review. Search no more, there is no better. They are the BEST on the island. I will escort you personally, thats how serious I am about this place. Take my word for it!"

"Highly recommend Killer Queen Detailing! Really outstanding service and amazing detailing on our vehicle both inside and out. They are great people to work with! Very understanding when I had a scheduling conflict for my initial appointment. You will not be disappointed."

"These guys should change their name to Miracle Workers because that's what they did with my car.

There are three things I look for in a company: excellent customer service, high quality products/results, and competitive prices.

Some places cover one or two of those characteristics. If we're honest, there are those places that don't have any of those things. Josh and his crew and Killer Queen Detailing have all three!"

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Platinum Full Service Package Benefits

  • Make sure you're not wasting money on cheap car washes that cause swirl marks & scratches on your car's paint and never leave your car truly clean.

  • Get your car detailed inside & out for a great price!

  • Guaranteed results: Killer Queen Detailing only uses top-quality supplies and tools.

  • The safest, most reliable way to maintain the condition of your vehicle.

  • Best value for your vehicle!

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