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Protect your paint from wear and tear, reduce scratches, and get that beautiful glossy look!

50+ Five Star Reviews

What are Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coatings?

Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coatings are the secret to a beautiful glossy car for many years to come! Think of it like a phone case & screen protector, but for your car's paint.

Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coatings are a premium wax alternative. Utilizing the chemistry of graphene, this coating creates a more durable glass-like coating on the vehicle is suitable for all surfaces including: paint, glass, chrome, plastic/trim, headlights and rims that can last up to 5 years – without having to constantly re-apply it!

Graphene coatings offer great durability and are less prone to water spots than regular ceramic coatings. 

Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coating Benefits

Ultimate Paint Protection

Gives your vehicle's paint an extra layer of protection from swirl marks, bird droppings, graffiti, pollen, tree sap, and more!

Rejuvenated Paint

Every Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coating gets a Paint Correction to remove swirl marks, sun fade, and other minor paint imperfections. Helps give your car that deep glossy shine!

Extreme Gloss & Shine

Gives an extremely glossy shine & new finish to your vehicle's paint! Guaranteed to make your friends & family jealous! 😉

Water Spot Resistant

It's no secret that Hawaii is notorious for hard water spots on car windows, and paint. We remove those water spots and protect against future water spots!

Easier to Clean

Get long lasting beauty with minimal maintenance! Extremely water repellent so your wash times get cut in half!

Lasts for a Long Time

Hybrid Graphene ceramic coatings last 5+ years!

How Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coatings Work

Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coatings create a layer of protection that is transparent, highly durable and lasts for years, unlike traditional wax. It chemically bonds with the vehicle’s clear coat which results in an extremely durable bond between the two surfaces.

This new technology also known as “Nano-Ceramic Coatings” has been developed for those looking to get more longevity out of their finishes on automobiles or other vessels such as RV’s, boats, motorcycles, etc., by creating a protective barrier against anything from saltwater corrosion to scratches caused by everyday dirt due to its durability and transparency. Wax is dead and coatings are the new paint protection standard in auto detailing.

The Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coating Process

Step 1:

Clean & Decontaminate

We'll start by cleaning and decontaminating all of the dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc. off your car's paint during this step.

We hand wash and then use a clay bar to remove any grime embedded deep into the clear coat of your car's paint.

Step 2:

Paint Correction

After your car's paint has been cleaned and decontaminated, we do a Paint Correction to remove any swirl marks, light scratches, and water spots so that the Ceramic Coating has a clean and smooth surface to bond to.

Step 3:

Apply Ceramic Coating

Finally, we apply the Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coating. With proper maintenance, can protect your car's paint for up to 5 years. Benefits include:​

  • Deep glossy shine ✨

  • Protection against scratches, sun fade, and stains 💪

  • No need to wax or apply sealants during the life of the Ceramic Coating 🙅‍♂️

  • Water repellant to avoid hard water spots 💧

  • Makes washing your car a lot easier 🚗

See The Magic Yourself

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