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Jade already brings you top of the line products that KQD knows and loves! Now, we've added their GRAPHENE CERAMIC COATING to our already awesome lineup of products! 


A New Evolutionary Car Coating. Graphene + Ceramic Hybrid. High Gloss. Hyper Hydrophobic. Superior Protection.


Why is our coating better?

  • Hyper Hydrophobic. Superior water sheeting and beading capabilities with instant water kick-off to resist permanent water spots and contamination build-up for a self-cleaning substrate.


  • Ultra Glossy. Intense glossiness creates a beautiful sheen that reflects your paint pigments for a true depth of color and mirror finishing.


  • 10H+ Hardness. Tough coating takes everyday contamination build-up while providing relative resistance to scratches and weathering.


  • Real Quartz. 100% genuine SiO2 coating cures into a solid glass structure that cross-links with your clear coat to form a blanket of protection.


  • High Graphene Concentration. Proprietary graphene formulation with a concentration above classic standards for a more durable coating.


  • Increased Protection. Formulated to protect against oxidation, paint fading and other ultra violet damages to increase the lifetime value of your vehicle.

See for yourself!

KQD Ceramic Coating Packages

With our packages, your maintenance requirement is minimal compared to other coatings that require multiple costly maintenance appointments. We strive to ensure that your coating lasts the life of the warranty. For more information, please contact us!

KQD offers a 5 year & lifetime exterior coating package. Upgrade your package to include our 1 year ceramic window coverage.


All of our packages include the following with your coating purchase:

  • Full Platinum exterior detail

  • 2-Step Paint correction

  • Water spot removal on paint and windows

  • 5 Year or Lifetime Warranty 

  • Car Fax registration

Additional Upgrades:

  • Ceramic window coating

  • Ceramic rim coating

  • Ceramic interior coating

  • Discounted interior add ons

  • Discounted ceramic at home maintenance kit

  • Discounted monthly or quarterly maintenance packages

  • Discounted ceramic coating service renewal 

  • Discounted pricing on interior detail & other add-ons

Ready? Request a customized quote below!

launch special!!!

Prices Starting at $699 & receive FREE window coating

Regularly $999 for the coating & $200 for the windows! Must mention this special.

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