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Ask us about financing your wrap or PPF installation!

Along with our window tinting services, we have now expanded to Paint Protection Film (PPF) & Custom Vinyl Wrap with your trusted            products! Both packages offer the ultimate protection for your paint- whether you choose clear or colored- we offer the best choice with a brand you trust!


Paint Protection Film

Custom Vinyl Wrap


Paint Protection Film




Protect your vehicles paint finish with our computer cut 3M Scotchgard Pro, 3M VentureShield, and PremiumShield paint protection films. Our PPF kits are precisely pre-cut to fit the contours of your car and will protect your vehicle from bugs, dirt, scratches, nicks, road salt, sand, and road debris. The film will cause no damage to your OEM paint if removed years later.

Our high quality paint protection films are 8mils thick and have a clear or topcoat to resist scratching and retain a beautiful shine. Our three films are the "best of the best" and there is no other film that offers world-class protection for your vehicle.

Upgrading the exterior of your car can be an exciting and affordable way to improve its style and increase its visibility. While a new coat of paint may be a costly process, there are other affordable ways that you can redesign the body of your car. Vinyl vehicle wraps are cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions that allow you to permanently or semi-permanently customize your car, truck or SUV with limitless decoration. The best vinyl wraps are produced by a brand you're already familiar with — 3M™.


3M™ is a household name known for their high quality. You already trust them for their wide range of consumer products that deliver efficiency, simplicity and creativity. For over a century, you've relied on their products to meet the demanding needs of your home and office. Their selection of vinyl wraps, graphics and signage have also made them a trusted name out on the road. Rvinyl is pleased to offer you a complete range of high-quality 3M™ vinyl films for wrapping your car, truck or SUV.

Stop by our showroom today to see all available colors!


Custom Vinyl Wraps

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